Easy Spicy Polenta Cakes

Easy Spicy  Polenta Cakes

Easy Spicy  Polenta Cakes are so yummy it is hard to have any leftover, because these are also good the next morning with fried eggs. If I didn’t already live in the south I would move here just for the southern food! I usually will buy a roll of already made polenta with spices ,just slice it up and sauté . However today I am iced in and cant get out to go to the store. Even though I am stuck here all day it doesn’t mean I want to cook all day.  So I found the original recipe for Easy Spicy  Polenta Cakes  at the Book of Jimmy blog very interesting.  Of course I made it just a little quicker and easier.


3 Bags of instant grits.

2 cups of Vegetable Broth ( since I am vegetarian), can use beef or chicken

Dash of Pepper flakes

1/2 Cup of your favorite cheese ,I have used sharp cheddar or  Gouda

1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper to taste

1 Tablespoon of  your choice of Dill weed, parsley ,or chopped rosemary (I used dill weed).


Add all ingredients  to a microwave safe bowl, Microwave on high for 4 minutes. Stirring after 2 mins. Add the cheese and mix thoroughly . Pour it into a lightly greased pie plate or 8×8 square pan and put it in the refrigerator for at least an hour to set . Cut into squares ( I cut them into about 2×2 squares which work well). Sauté on medium heat for about 4 minutes on each side . Only flip them once to prevent breaking apart.

Enjoy and Happy Eating!

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